Flue [noun]

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The point was to evaluate the possibility of using minerals to capture and store the gas from the flue stream of a power plant.

Cavaill-Coll subsequently utilized slightly increased pressures for the trebles of his flue stops as well as for his larger reeds.

The flue from the engine is carried through the drying room and dries his leather.

He was the first to show that reeds could be made really beautiful and fit for use without help from flue stops.

In the Pedal department no reed or flue pipe can begin to compare with a Diaphone, either in attack or in volume of tone.

The inner or first tube forms the fire-place and flue, and at the same time the inner side of the boiler.

The inner tube is of the same diameter as the flue, and forms a continuation of it.

The size of the flue for an ordinary grate is 149 in.; for a kitchen stove 1414 in.

No sheet metal, brick, or other flue shall be used as a vent pipe.

All gas heaters must be connected with a flue to carry off the products of combustion.