Subway [noun]

Definition of Subway:

underground railroad

Synonyms of Subway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subway:


Sentence/Example of Subway:

We were both hanging to straps in the subway and we had but a moment before he got off.

And the girl, journeying in the subway to and from her work!

Morrow sped as fast as elevated and subway could carry him to the Bronx.

He took the Subway back to the Grand Central, and walked from there to the club.

It was not for that, or for him, that she was then in the subway, but for dinner.

In the subway, the following evening, Cassy saw a man eyeing her.

In the cañon below, Jones, as he piloted her to the subway, pulled at his gloves.

Passengers are requested to cross over the railway by the subway.

The subway, Forrester told himself solemnly, didn't do that.

Then the smoky dive across the Schuylkill and the bellow of the subway.