Recess [noun]

Definition of Recess:

niche, corner

Synonyms of Recess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recess:

Sentence/Example of Recess:

Then she went with Rico to school and back again, and in recess they were also together.

At every recess hour the forces gathered for the exciting sport.

I only hope he's not in that recess or deep doorway now, if it leads into your mountain.

It was recess and the campus was overflowing with boys and girls, but Pat was alone.

On either side a recess in the wall had been fitted up as a couch.

This recess was made beautiful by blue and white Dutch tiles.

Upon any recess from war, they do not much attend the chase.

From a recess covered by a shawl running on a string she took down her bodice.

He motioned the doctor back into the recess of the bay-window.

Terrified, the fox crawled slowly into the recess of the den.