Shank [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Shank:

He struck the rivet such a blow that he snapped one shank of his spur short off.

This plate is soldered to the shank of the screw-eye and the cleat is complete.

He's in the shank of his honeymoon as we stands chattin' yere.'

He's had just about time to make the trip on Shank's mare by takin' short cuts.

Next to the blade on the end of which is the cutting edge, is the shank, Fig. 65.

The place where the arms are joined to the shank, and unite at the throat.

Also, the iron ring to which the cable is bent to the anchor in the summit of the shank.

It is not that, but the shank of his horse, broken above the pastern joint!

“Glad to see you, little girl,” said Mr Shank, as he led the way into his room.

I touched it; and the head, with about a quarter of an inch of the shank, came off in my fingers.