Forehead [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Forehead:

The hearse passed by, and made its way toward Arlington, where TJ Kolwicz, a Fairfax County police officer, watched with a hand on his forehead.

He had been raised by a grandmother who attacked him when she drank and left him with a V-shaped scar on his forehead.

There are only three ways to pay—whether it’s on a card, a phone, a fingerprint, or you and I looking at each other and touching our foreheads in the future.

He hit him on the forehead in the second round, knocking him down.

At the same time, the “3-and-D” label that’s been written across these players’ foreheads over the past couple of months undersells everything else they can already do, along with the skills they might still develop.

His hat was pushed back from his forehead, the collar of his blue flannel shirt was open.

He rose and kissed her lightly on the forehead, experience teaching him to avoid a stray hair from the carefully built coiffure.

The Empress's hand was on her beating forehead, but she turned, even fiercely to his question.

The voice died out in a broken whisper, and two hot tears fell on Black Sheep's forehead.

Beads of perspiration gathered on my forehead as I slowly rose to my feet and faced Giles.