Dinner [noun]

Definition of Dinner:

evening meal

Synonyms of Dinner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dinner:


Sentence/Example of Dinner:

We were eating dinner by kerosene lantern light, as the hydroelectric plant no longer generated electricity, when it sounded.

For some reason, I wanted carrots and peas that night as part of our dinner.

With six wash cycles, you can get your whole dinner plates set in there along with your silverware.

Energy demand tends to spike at night, when people are cooking dinner and cooling off at bedtime.

We fell into a routine of building a morning fire, cooking together, and talking over dinner, sharing our fears and the events of the day.

The two had met before, but this time was different — they struck up an extended conversation and went out for dinner.

They’re together so much that a woman planning a dinner party is overheard bemoaning that “if you invite one you have to invite the other one.”

Instead, I collected phone numbers from singles I met at bars, soccer games, and dinner parties, and arbitrarily set them up with each other.

Memory may be the closest thing we have to a time machine, yet most of us struggle remembering where we parked our cars in the grocery store lot, or what we had for dinner a week ago.

Group Nine has hosted virtual dinner parties, Atlas Obscura has taught participants mind control and BDG offered viewers a much needed yoga break.