Entente [noun]

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There had long been rumors of an entente between Archduke and Kaiser, but this!

There is an anecdote of the latter which, as an example of thrust and parry in double entente, is hardly to be matched.

So these members of the Entente had to be assisted in making purchases abroad.

The French entente cordiale was remembered, and our Sovereign had long ago been declared to be the first diplomat in Europe.

Liber and his colleague Dahn were at that time among the staunchest supporters of the policy of the Entente in Russia.

What her purpose, in all this talk, he failed to see—unless she were seeking to establish an entente cordiale, or to gain time.

It was at this time that the new entente cordiale between France and England had its first test.

But it is clear that Chaucer here has entente as usual, and rimes it with the form shent-e, which is the pp.

The Germans did not develop this explosive as much as the Entente Powers, who effected great economy of trinitrotoluene.

It was through his personal influence that the Entente Cordiale with France was brought about.