Caucus [noun]

Definition of Caucus:

group gathered to make decision

Synonyms of Caucus:

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Sentence/Example of Caucus:

For the first nine months of 2019, Pelosi also stood firm against liberals’ calls to impeach the president, even after a majority of her caucus demanded his ouster – all in the name of her frontliners.

She reportedly urged her caucus members not to be a “cheap date.”

While she didn’t vote for the nuclear bailout bill at the heart of the Householder bribery scandal, 10 Democrats, more than a quarter of her caucus, did.

Alexander Dobrindt, the deputy caucus leader and a member of the Bavarian branch of Merkel’s bloc, demanded new EU sanctions against Russia.

The virtual caucus had 5,390 page views from 3,050 unique devices, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee told the Blade.

The caucus — which wasn’t an official congressional committee, despite its name — introduced the girl as 15-year-old Nayirah, her last name withheld to protect her family in Kuwait.

Ron Paul hadn’t won a single primary, but thanks to states that choose delegates through caucuses and conventions, his supporters were able to take over several state delegations.

He represents that vast army of electors whom neither canvasser nor caucus has ever yet cajoled or bullied into a polling-booth.

On the night before the Freeport debate the question had also been considered in a hurried caucus of Lincoln's party friends.

At a signal from the President of the Senate, a military band hidden in one of the caucus rooms began to play the national anthem.