Infestation [noun]

Definition of Infestation:

disease that is widespread

Synonyms of Infestation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Infestation:

Sentence/Example of Infestation:

Ralph had been seen at the school, and the resulting reports of an infestation had gotten to the newspaper.

On the Klamath National Forest some years ago about 900 acres were treated for insect infestation.

There are many administrative measures which are practiced on the National Forests, which aim to prevent insect infestation.

Only a few weeks ago we found a rather bad infestation in the vicinity of Tivoli.

No infestation had been noted in previous years, although in 1945 the crop was not harvested at all.

Superparasitism, sū-pėr-par′a-sīt-izm, n. the infestation of parasites by other parasites.

Another subject of interest and importance to the ranger is the study of insect infestation.

The infestation will be favored in its growth if the spore can find plenty of food, water, warmth and darkness.

The mite readily transfers to man but does not persist, the infestation usually disappearing spontaneously in about two weeks.

As soon as the temperature rises, the mites increase and the infestation becomes much more extensive.