Toxin [noun]

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The determining test for a toxin is its action on a living cell.

Probably it was the toxin in the blood which poisoned the heart.

Now I have said enough about the toxin and some little about the anti-toxin of the Mind.

"This bottle contains a weak solution of the toxin of fatigue," persisted Kennedy.

When this vital seat is poisoned by the toxin, death is instantaneous.

When the toxin of panic is in the air there is no antidote like vigorous action.

Both cases, the saturation of toxin with antitoxin and ammonia with boric acid are equilibrium phenomena.

The severe cramp from which athletes are liable to suffer is due to an accumulation of this toxin.

Probably the length of time that the toxin has had a chance to act determines the permanent damage to the vessel wall.

He believes that it is the result of some organic process (intracranial pressure or toxin).