Disaffected [adjective]

Definition of Disaffected:

alienated, estranged

Synonyms of Disaffected:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disaffected:

Sentence/Example of Disaffected:

More than at any point since the QAnon conspiracy began, there is a tremendous opportunity to pull disaffected followers out of the conspiracy.

Just nine years ago, disaffected Webex engineer Eric Yuan left Cisco to found Zoom.

He therefore removed the sons out of his way, with a view of annihilating the hopes of the disaffected.

A secret society, whose founders belonged to the disaffected spirits of the nation, had already taken root in it for a long time.

So astute was he as to render him unpopular with a section of the natives, and notably with those who were disaffected.

To be an Irish Volunteer was to be “disaffected,” and to be “disaffected” was to be liable to summary measures of repression.

His most valuable possessions outside Spain, the provinces of the Netherlands, were disaffected to a foreign rule.

Those disaffected to an actual king naturally look for a rival claimant, the support of whom may serve to disguise rebellion.

The courage of the disaffected sunk entirely, and nothing was left to them but flight or submission.

Five of the quorum of the Twelve were in this apostacy; and some in every organized quorum became disaffected.