Derailed [verb]

Definition of Derailed:

go off the rails

Synonyms of Derailed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Derailed:

Sentence/Example of Derailed:

The crowd which had expected to see the engine derailed, broke into resounding cheers.

Once derailed, the truck would then spin around on the deadly center pin, throwing the locomotive over.

Sometimes a train is derailed, as the papers call it, and two or three people have to remain over as we did all night.

The engine had been derailed by the violence of the shock, and it would require some time before we could proceed.

Three months ago one of our engines was derailed by a wild elephant and the driver badly injured.

But there is such a thing as a train of thought, and mine is constantly being derailed, and wrecked and pitched about.

They had scarcely got him into the tonneau when a series of yells arose from the crowd down near the derailed freight train.

Train No. 98 ran into derailed car and 14 cars of time freight burned up.

It succeeded soon in removing the impediment, and sped away with the trucks which had not been derailed.

Owing to a cow straying on the line at Acton Bridge last week a goods train was derailed.