Disabused [verb]

Definition of Disabused:

free from belief

Synonyms of Disabused:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disabused:

Sentence/Example of Disabused:

Of this view we had to disabuse them, and in consequence found them all very tiresome.

“And disabuse your mind of those fancies, George,” he said, as they walked down to the gate.

Do you think it is not possible, by the interposition of friends, to disabuse your unfortunate husband?

I wished either to convince myself absolutely upon these points or to disabuse my mind of all prejudice.

Well, I shall not disabuse them of their beliefs concerning me.

Now we wish to disabuse the minds of our readers of any such notions.

He could not disabuse his mind of the insinuating presence of the two together.

The first step of worthiness will be to disabuse us of our superstitious associations with places and times, with number and size.

They have not seen or known life as a whole, and, therefore, no sound ethical view can possibly disabuse them of the heresy.

Her father and mother both endeavored to disabuse her mind of any belief in this unhappy dream.