Dispelled [verb]

Definition of Dispelled:

drive away thought, belief

Synonyms of Dispelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dispelled:

Sentence/Example of Dispelled:

As such, dispelling conspiracy theories today requires addressing the underlying fears and concerns of people whose long-standing and often legitimate mistrust of government and the medical profession provides fertile ground for false information.

How that issue will be resolved for the upcoming season remains to be seen, but Monday’s impasse did nothing to dispel NL pitchers’ plans to work on their bunting skills.

Despite their growing popularity, electric vehicle sales still lag behind gasoline cars, and one reason is the anxiety that comes from short ranges and slow refueling times—but recent breakthroughs suggest those fears might soon be dispelled.

Tyson depended on Kabeya to dispel such rumors and communicate health warnings to workers.

We still struggle to dispel the neighborhood rumor mill, and we certainly don’t know how to do it at scale.

If the Hunter makes it to the eagle unseen, the creature is able to dispel the storm from that area.

Many artists have penned books to dispel persistent rumors and share their perspectives on their public personas.

All immediate danger having now been dispelled, the Spaniards solaced themselves with the sweets of revenge.

Presently a ray of inspiration dispelled the cloud from the features of the battered man.

A lingering hope was dispelled when, looking right and left along Bond Street, he failed to perceive the missing pair.