Disproved [verb]

Definition of Disproved:

prove false

Opposite/Antonyms of Disproved:

Sentence/Example of Disproved:

It must have been an unsettling feeling for Einstein, proving the very thing he had set out to disprove.

But she straightway disproved this promise, and mocked the great De St. Julien to his face.

It is a matter of premises, and I have already said that the premises in these syllogisms can neither be proved or disproved.

The truth of this is already partly disproved by the foregoing, and it will be fully so by the sequel.

That has always been disclaimed on our side and could easily be disproved on yours.

The one assertion can be disproved, the other cannot with scientific exactness.

It could not be disproved, though it has often been disregarded.

If inspired testimony is worth anything, the case is closed, and the critics' case goes out of court, more than disproved.

If that charge were disproved, the political aspect of the matter would become unimportant.

After the lapse of a few months an old accusation can be serviceably used, whether at the time it was proved or disproved.