Disclaimed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Disclaimed:

You disclaim the intention of going forth and entering the great battle of the intellects—having, as you say, no talents.

The millions in the world who conscientiously disclaim the supremacy of the Pope, at least openly avow it.

We both disclaim alike every attempt to explain any thing into Scripture, and every attempt to explain any thing out of Scripture.

Mr. Blatherwick coloured to the roots of his hair at the mere suggestion, and hastened to disclaim it.

You say, between you and myself, there never has been a personal difference, "and you disclaim all personal enmity towards me."

The present writer will disclaim no such legacy, but hereby undertakes to accept it, however dusty.

Dr. DuBois would be the first to disclaim the name of poet but everything outside of his statistical work convicts him.

Every speaker who exercised any influence on the meeting, took occasion emphatically to disclaim it.

As a mob they applaud what as individuals they would disclaim with such moral energy as they might be capable of.

Why didn't he publicly disclaim any assent to these proceedings?