Stoked [adjective]

Definition of Stoked:


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Sentence/Example of Stoked:

The fire had been stoked in his absence, and was now burning gloriously.

The fireman threw open the furnace-door and stoked the fire as we approached.

Then he stoked the fire, blew it, and set them all round it to warm themselves.

He lighted up the furnace with dry wood, then stoked it full of coal.

In one case he stoked the furnaces of a coal mine for a week.

The crabber took out a blackened, much-used pipe and stoked it.

He stoked her with more hate than coal, and I drove him to it, Cottie.

He took a live coal and stoked up the bowl of his old cutty-pipe.

The body is an engine which must be stoked regularly in order to work.

When he had stoked up his pipe he leaned back and opened the book.