Upended [adjective]

Definition of Upended:


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Sentence/Example of Upended:

From the upended slit of mouth in that goggling face, came a scream.

One of my arms was free and I struck with my fist at the gaping, upended mouth.

They hung all askew, helplessly pinned, some broadside, some upended.

Stephen haled his upended valise to the table and sat down to wait.

But there sat Hugh, as square, as solid, and as incurious as an upended bale of cotton.

Under the three it upended and rolled sidewise, throwing them back into the water.

At last they found a puncheon of rum, upended it, stove in the head, and drank.

They upended slightly, or lay in hollows between the others.

With a sudden gesture, he upended it, dumping its contents on the flat, wooden surface of the table.

Father Paul chose a block of wood from the pile beside the stove, upended it, and seated himself.