Frustrated [adjective]

Definition of Frustrated:

disappointed, thwarted

Synonyms of Frustrated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frustrated:

Sentence/Example of Frustrated:

People just got so frustrated at a lack of progress, lack of clarity, lack of transparency, lack of truth.

Meanwhile, some within the movement have grown frustrated with what they see as outsize attention on the violence — even those accused of endorsing that violence.

The Amendment is opposed by frustrated housewife Phyllis Schlafly who mounts a grassroots movement that ultimately derails passage of the ERA and helps to usher in the Reagan Revolution.

So now is the perfect time to remind frustrated filmgoers about No Time to Die, the next film in the James Bond franchise, starring Daniel Craig in his fifth and final outing as 007.

Sergey, tired and frustrated and cold, kicked at the frame, breaking it, then threw the remains into the forest.

Some investors became frustrated as the company shifted its focus to vaccines.

Cynics argued the move was largely a publicity stunt to mollify a frustrated public, who assigned blame to corporate America for many of the country’s greatest ills, from income inequality to climate change.

People who are extremely anxious and frustrated in the current climate will pay little attention to your cookie-cutter July 4th themed advertisement.

Such was their appearance; mournful, ghoulish, yet human and warm in a repressed, frustrated way.

If it had been necessary to refer these disputes to the Colonial Office at home, everything would have been frustrated.