Stimulated [adjective]

Definition of Stimulated:


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Sentence/Example of Stimulated:

The scent of a big item was in his nostrils, and it stimulated him like champagne.

On the present occasion, his native powers were stimulated by the thirst of revenge.

A hard worker himself, those around him were stimulated to hard work.

Promptitude in action may be stimulated by a due consideration of the value of time.

The audacity of the rebels is stimulated by our sluggishness.

Stanton, like others, may be stimulated by the amor sceleratus of power.

There is in man a similar temper, which is roused and stimulated by carnage.

The Catholics were stimulated by all the energies of fanaticism in defense of the Church.

It was his conviction that unselfishness was stimulated by football.

The heart that loved would have stimulated the head that thought.