Foiled [verb]

Definition of Foiled:

circumvent, nip in the bud

Opposite/Antonyms of Foiled:

Sentence/Example of Foiled:

Now, jealousy and perception awoke together—at one sweeping glance backward, she saw herself slighted—foiled—duped!

He is a dangerous man, and will be more dangerous after being again foiled by me as he has been to-day.

They were foiled by the valour of the British seamen who, under a heavy fire, grappled the blazing ships and towed them ashore.

Feinting with his left, the Mauler clinched heavily with his right, but Ralph foiled the attack with a clever half-nelson.

The attempt was foiled, but night had fallen before Gary found where the liquor was hidden.

Foiled in this attempt they began to pelt them with garbage, so that soon their white robes were stained and filthy.

That was hateful; but it seemed worse when she thought of a woman commanding the faculty and consenting to be duped and foiled.

Utterly as this plan was foiled in the future, it was far from being the wild dream which it has often been considered.

Such a restoration would have foiled their projects of aggrandizement in Eastern Europe.

Foiled as he had been in these efforts, he was even more resolute to check the advance of Russia on Constantinople.