Coupler [noun]

Definition of Coupler:

component, connection

Synonyms of Coupler:

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Sentence/Example of Coupler:

An octave coupler without such extension is incomplete and is no more honest than a stop which only goes down to Tenor C.

Not only did he provide sub-octave and super-octave couplers freely, but he even added a Swell Sub-quint to Great coupler!

Most large organs now built are furnished with a pedal for reversing the position of the Great to Pedal coupler.

When playing upon a soft combination on the Great, the organist may draw the Swell to Great "pizzicato" coupler.

We might lend him a coupler hundred bones at ten per cent., secured by a mortgage on the Maggie, if he's up agin it hard.

Coupler instructs Young Fashion which way Bull was to be managed.

Both parties out of their great Wisdom, leave the treating the Match to Coupler.

Jedge, fo' we goes any further lemme ast you a coupler questions, please, suh.

A coupler has been made in which this danger no longer exists; in truth, there has been a great advance in this direction.

It looked like the bird known to ornithology as the flyupithecrick, and had an air brake, patent coupler, buffer and platform.