Interrogatory [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Interrogatory:

Or, if we use the Interrogatory Analysis Method we could proceed thus: 1.

He had made no reply to the enthusiastic interrogatory of the hunter.

The book commences in the interrogatory style, in the words of its title, Es tu Scolaris?

The old man saw the offensive carpet-bagger approaching the mansion and met him sternly with the interrogatory.

The poor victim of this pertinacious interrogatory now beat about within herself for succour.

Then came the interrogatory process—Who was I, where did I come from, and what had brought me to that city?

The mark of exclamation is placed after sentences which, though interrogatory in form, are really exclamatory.

"You are assuming to know his rank, papa," whispered Sara, who watched me closely during the whole interrogatory.

The Dew-of-June started, and she discovered a very manifest uneasiness at the interrogatory.

In consequence, the missionaries had to undergo more than one minute interrogatory, and a most searching domiciliary visit.