Pursuing [adjective]

Definition of Pursuing:

out for

Synonyms of Pursuing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pursuing:

Sentence/Example of Pursuing:

Mrs. Davis saw that there was no use in pursuing the subject, and it dropped.

His reason for not pursuing the fugitive may be readily understood.

After reading this note, I thought not of pursuing or saving Lady Glenthorn.

Telephassa and Cadmus were now pursuing their weary way, with no companion but each other.

But the night was quite silent, no one seemed to be pursuing them.

No need then of the expedient of pursuing your needleworks in her sight.

As he looked the flurry of skirts subsided and she fell into stride, pursuing.

This last discovery was made by the two friends in pursuing their inquiries.

He hints at marriage; but pretends to be afraid of pursuing the hint.

Haydn, speaking of his art, said, “It consists in taking up a subject and pursuing it.”