Implementing [verb]

Definition of Implementing:

start, put into action

Synonyms of Implementing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Implementing:

Sentence/Example of Implementing:

Up to that time, stone implements had featured thin points or sharp edges.

While standard liners take their gripping cues from writing or painting implements, the tapered handle and rounded grip on Bryant’s wand mean it can be grasped upright in a fist.

The modern implements are flexible instead of rigid, and uses fiber optics and powerful lenses to visualize our insides—making them not just more effective as diagnostic tools, but more palatable for non-sword-swallowers.

Other stone implements, and a pigment chunk, buried with her were probably used to cut apart game, extract bone marrow or scrape hides and perform detailed hide work and hide tanning.

Third, and perhaps most difficult, deriving the means for implementing the most promising aspects of Rapid Dominance must occur.

I have a plan of attack worked out; subject to your approval, I'm ready to start implementing it now.

All the high-sounding arguments for a moral world and all the laws on the books implementing those arguments are just eyewash.

In self-hypnosis, the individual consciously works toward implementing and strengthening his own inherent strength and resources.

The directorates had direct connections with all implementing bodies.

A treaty implementing this agreement will shortly be submitted to the Senate.