Complying [verb]

Definition of Complying:

abide by, follow agreement or instructions

Opposite/Antonyms of Complying:

Sentence/Example of Complying:

Axayacatl, in complying with the usage, distinguished himself by the most daring raid yet undertaken by Aztec valor.

Most willingly, Sir Jairvis; and I know he'll be any thing but backward in complying.

Miss Wardour, does your faith in your friend justify you in complying with her wishes?

Before complying with M. Kuppffer's request, the government has requested the opinion of the academy on the subject.

Complying eagerly with the invitation, Ishtar felt her very life returning with each mouthful she swallowed.

He for some time declined complying with the request which was made, but eventually said that he lived at No. 52, Jermyn-street.

Charles was complying with his father's command, when a stag pursued by hounds was seen making towards the house.

In place of complying, she availed herself of a privilege the law allowed—to find a substitute.

There we may find the complying sisterhoods of that famous tale, and there the good cheer celebrated by Rabelais reigns in glory.

There is strict discipline in all the Columns; the authorities complying on summons, and arranging what is needful.