Eyeing [verb]

Definition of Eyeing:

gaze at, scrutinize

Synonyms of Eyeing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Eyeing:

Sentence/Example of Eyeing:

Perhaps she doesnt care for pork and potatoes, my friend, laughed the lady, eyeing Mr. Chumley whimsically.

"It's a pity to keep a useful weapon only for show," returned Dolly, eyeing the old blunderbuss with looks of regret.

The consumptive bends over his work, fearfully eyeing the keeper's measuring stick.

He stood eyeing Bud appraisingly, much as Bud had eyed Frank a couple of hours before.

When the men were gone, the Dame came and placed herself before Digby, eyeing him with a very sinister glance.

A stepfather to an unmarried girl, both eyeing each other for a chance to find fault—if you please, no thank you!

"And you never said a word about coming here when you wrote to us down South," Helen said, eyeing the fleshy girl curiously.

He springs to a table: the Police satellites are eyeing him; alive they shall not take him, not they alive him alive.

Thatcher sank into Bassett's swivel chair and swung round once or twice as though testing it, meanwhile eyeing the map.

They were very silent, eyeing us with an absorbed interest that embraced every article of our equipment.