Scouring [verb]

Definition of Scouring:

clean, polish thoroughly

Synonyms of Scouring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scouring:

Sentence/Example of Scouring:

There are so many of us scouring the town every day without getting the smallest job.

Thereupon they went their way, scouring the fields as far as the road to Mareuil.

The whole fleet were not scouring the seas at three of the clock this morrow!

You'll never catch the rascals by scouring the desert with a handful of men.

The lady was very particular about the scouring of wainscotings and doors.

Dishwashing, scouring and cleaning of every description were done by machinery.

The dog had guided them on his trail, so that no time had been lost in scouring the valley.

Feldspar as an abrasive is used mainly in scouring soaps and window-wash.

Some had left the beaten track and were scouring between the trees.

What's the use of scouring about the country here and there?