Sorting [verb]

Definition of Sorting:

place in order

Synonyms of Sorting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sorting:

Sentence/Example of Sorting:

"I'm sorting the papers in these drawers," she replied in her usual tone of voice.

Granger went on sorting out his papers, burning them or putting them aside.

Thither went the crowd to await the sorting and ultimate distribution.

She sought ease from the tenseness of the moment in sorting the roses.

They mined the vein, sorting out the ore from the waste and saving every particle.

I'm in a broker's office, and I'm to do writing and sorting out bills.

Then the delight of sorting and arranging them in the old chest!

Thorvald seemed to be sorting out his thoughts when he replied to that.

She looked up from the basket of ragged stockings she was sorting.

There has been a little delay in sorting the beasts into pairs.