Digging [verb]

Definition of Digging:

delve into; hollow out

Synonyms of Digging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Digging:

Sentence/Example of Digging:

We evaluated about a dozen companies in the AI space and dug in deep on six of them.

A strong burst of water dug into his hand, tearing open his rubber glove and slicing the skin.

They don’t want to put themselves out of a job by doing a lot of digging and showing that, “Oh, it turns out our TV ads are unprofitable.”

Matze suggested that Parler will continue to “defy authoritarian content curation,” a dig at social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, which have tightened their rules on misinformation as the election neared.

Part of that means digging into human-wildlife relationships—and how they change as people take over more of the world.

Here, then, are some of the signature dishes worth digging for.

It will be them … they continue to dig their heels in on the back of a premise that their eyes have been opened.

I’d grab the bags and find the nearest parking spot to dig in.

With all the flashbacks and monologues, the episode struggles to find the necessary minutes to dig deep.

A week before Ant’s listing was delayed, Ma issued another dig at legacy banks and their regulators.