Cat [noun]

Definition of Cat:

feline animal, sometimes a pet

Synonyms of Cat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cat:


Sentence/Example of Cat:

A lateen sail was visible in the direction of Cat Island, and others to the south seemed almost motionless in the far distance.

And if he was worried about Farmer Green's cat, why didn't he dig a hole for himself at once, and get out of harm's way?

The cat had been about to spring at Grandfather Mole again when Mr. Crow spoke to her.

At that Farmer Green's cat began to run up and down between the rows of vegetables.

Farmer Green's cat had never liked Mr. Crow, for no particular reason.

If we set him adrift the poor child would starve—unless the cat got him.

A girl of forty-two weeks showed the same excitement at the sight of a life-size painting of a cat as at that of a real cat.

Suddenly he shot a disturbing glance at Tressan's face, and the corner of his wild-cat mustachios twitched.

At first he thought it was a black cat curled up in some impossible fashion, but soon saw it was a dark human face.

He had repeated till he was thrice weary the statement that "the Cat lay on the Mat and the Rat came in."