Kitten [noun]

Definition of Kitten:

young cat

Synonyms of Kitten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kitten:


Sentence/Example of Kitten:

They sailed to Wrangel aboard the Victoria, with a gray kitten they dubbed Vic.

It appears not all “cats and kittens” are “cool” at Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue.

He contented himself the better by frequent visits to Skyrie, and by his gift to Dorothy of the stray kitten.

To his breast he clutched a tiny white kitten, it was quite young, its eyes not being yet open.

The child and the one kitten undoomed to a watery grave were carried off by the bonne.

Sure enough, there was the kitten, not taking the least care of her necktie, just ready to pounce upon a big mouse.

A dog would bark; a kitten would mew; a parrot would say "Pardon!"

The women put strange things into the pot: the feet of a toad, many weeds and flowers, the tail of a kitten, and a great spider.

Item two: Goon-Face had beamed like a kitten with a quart of cream after John began to play.

She showed the kitten to Eric, handling its tiny paws gently, hushing its plaintive mews with ridiculous pet names.