Checking [verb]

Definition of Checking:

inspect, examine

Synonyms of Checking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Checking:

Sentence/Example of Checking:

The utmost care has been taken in verifying the stock-sheets with the registers, and with checking the volumes themselves.

If your neighbor seems disposed to shorten the time by conversing, do not be too hasty in checking him.

He stood now with a calculating look, almost as if he were checking the verity of the report.

He must be shown the absolute importance of checking Mazaroff and rendering his last stroke utterly futile.

There was the business of checking them off, and the further business of Sara Lee's paying for them in gold.

There was no checking the frantic stampede which from this moment thundered with constantly increasing speed across the plain.

"Oh, don't undertake to deny your eccentric taste," she returns, checking a negation on Adolphe's lips.

I don't know why, but every anniversary concerning myself finds me very sad: those friendly whisperings are checking the tendency.

He also carried some regulations checking the abuse of the privilege of franking letters.

It is preferable to shape the inside first, cutting it out roughly and checking up with the template.