Dissecting [verb]

Definition of Dissecting:

cut up; take apart

Synonyms of Dissecting:

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Sentence/Example of Dissecting:

He scarcely took time to dine respectably; indeed, he often ate his lunch in the dissecting-room.

He returned voluntarily to the dissecting-room, and wrapped himself in the uncouth work.

The dissecting knife, the forceps, and the microscope can render us no aid here.

The witness then proceeded to describe the external appearances of the body, and its appearances in the dissecting.

Its innoccuous nature, and its freedom from any corrosive action on dissecting instruments.

But don't get scared afterward, when you watch me dissecting a human soul and laying out its various parts on the table.

As to dissecting this complex property and assorting it, it is the business of the understanding and not of the imagination.

O wildwood Helen, let them strive and fret, Those goggled men with their dissecting-knives!

It proved to be as fat as a buck; and the knives of the skilful hunters were not long in skinning and dissecting it.

He worked almost exclusively with what we should call a dissecting microscope.