Devising [verb]

Definition of Devising:

conceive, dream up

Synonyms of Devising:

Opposite/Antonyms of Devising:

Sentence/Example of Devising:

The cebus did not wait to be shown how to do things, but was an adept in devising ways to do them himself.

His eyes were sighting along an instrument of his own devising as if he were aiming some super-gun of a great air cruiser.

I have known you for a long time, and possess the most circumstantial details about the plans you were devising.

The greater portion of our life consists in devising means and medication to relieve us of our states of ill health and disease.

He is an inventor devising ways and means to secure all the ends which he has the wit to see.

This certainly ended his hesitations, and he turned his whole attention to devising a plan for presenting his claim.

Hearing that the young lady at the chateau was very ill, he set about devising some means of informing her of her friend's safety.

She was constantly devising means for the betterment of the schools, both as to buildings and methods of instruction.

He is not surprised so as to forget this gentle little duty, which was never required of him, but is of his own devising.

He seems to have been a young man of great ingenuity, continually making new instruments and devising new experiments.