Recapitulating [verb]

Definition of Recapitulating:

go over something again

Synonyms of Recapitulating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recapitulating:

Sentence/Example of Recapitulating:

He shook his head and mournfully began to recapitulate the day he had just spent.

Like Socrates, we may recapitulate the virtues of the philosopher.

And here let me recapitulate—for there is no harm in repetition.

So that there may be no misunderstandings, I will recapitulate.

He was impelled to recapitulate his injunctions; but he forbore.

He had left out the feminine element; obviously he must recapitulate.

Let us now recapitulate the more prominent facts of this essay.

Let us recapitulate the strange metamorphoses which I have sketched.

Is it necessary to recapitulate all this, Monsieur Chauvelin?

"Let us recapitulate," said the captain, his glance beaming with earnestness.