Untangling [verb]

Definition of Untangling:

straighten out

Synonyms of Untangling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Untangling:

Sentence/Example of Untangling:

Your philosophy may be a trifle mixed, but it will untangle itself later on.

Sally Ann never failed to locate the trouble or to untangle the yarn.

A cup of chocolate, served by Gothon, helped not a little to untangle his ideas.

I have been spending all the afternoon getting on to the phone to Paris to untangle the muddle.

Those who were actually laboring to untangle the ropes only increased the snarl.

It took the repair men an hour to untangle the wires and fix them.

“For what you call your mix-up to untangle,” was his answer.

She stopped to cough and to show Helen how to untangle some threads.

He dozed off, for all his wretchedness, exhausted by his efforts to untangle the snarl.

It was, admitted the trainman, too much for him to untangle.