Disemboweling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Disemboweling:

And placing the knife in the lad's hand, she added: "Cut off their heads, disembowel those infidel dogs!"

The pursuit continues until those who flee become exhausted, and the pursuers slash at them and disembowel their steeds.

A ruffian sprang on MacAdam with an open knife, swearing he would disembowel him.

One of the old Indian women got hold of him and began to pluck his feathers off, then to disembowel him.

Yet he had no liking for Germans and desired to cut them into small bits, to slit their throats, to disembowel them.

Fortunately for him he tripped, and the sword-thrust that was to disembowel him merely gashed his side.

So was a cut on his stomach, where the Black had sought to disembowel him.

Montfleury must go, or I shall crop his ears and disembowel him!

He even goes so far—one day when his supply of children is exhausted—as to disembowel a pregnant woman and sport with the fœtus.

After he was hanged they cut down this true martyr, and stripping him, slashed him open in order to disembowel him.