Debating [verb]

Definition of Debating:

argue, discuss

Opposite/Antonyms of Debating:

Sentence/Example of Debating:

They halted, and while debating what best to do, a couple of guerrillas came riding towards them.

The band of guerrillas had seen them, and halted, and were scanning them carefully, as if debating whether to advance or not.

Whether that army should consist of five regiments or of fifteen was hardly worth debating.

While we sat there, feeling crushed, and debating what was to be done, my train came in.

Henri found her there, at something before nine, rather downcast and worried, and debating about going up to bed.

All boys from eleven to sixteen are invited to become members of a debating society on a legal basis.

No alteration as to the public: Much debating, little hopes and no news.

Bussy had been debating within himself whether or not to confide to his friends what he knew about Diana.

The anchor was up, and slowly with a light breeze we drew away from the river, debating what should be our next move.

Again the major held his peace, as if he were debating some knotty point with himself—the table-clearing giving him his chance.