Treating [verb]

Definition of Treating:

act, behave towards

Synonyms of Treating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Treating:

Sentence/Example of Treating:

"It's the way you're treating me," he cried, with a clumsy man's awkward attempt at gesture.

Making light of God's Word, or regarding and treating it as the word of man.

She is treating me as if I were a four-year-old instead of a woman with as much brain as she has.

Don't begin by treating her as a visitor; treat her as if she were truly my sister.

As for the canteens, we had to empty them, after treating the crew of the boat that was sent to take us off.

The treating of bishops and clergy is often noticed in the accounts.

But I have not yet regularly described the genus and species of which I am treating.

She looked into the fire, treating his conversation as directed towards her brother only.

I like him the better for making very light of it, and for his treating it with contempt.

He is also very hospitable, often treating his captives to a hot Stake.