Dickering [verb]

Definition of Dickering:

bargain; argue about

Synonyms of Dickering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dickering:


Sentence/Example of Dickering:

For half an hour the dicker went on, and finally a price of fifteen thousand dollars was agreed upon.

"Lucky again," commented Captain Candage, returning from his sharp dicker with the buyer.

We will not dicker at all, but will buy as cheaply as we can.

I'm real glad to have it because we are going to have a dicker party and it will be the very thing to contribute.

The captain began to dicker with the men about securing game for us, and as they talked I made a study of them.

I don't like to dicker with first one store and then another, and I know you've been straight with me in all my dealings.

But if you'd care to sell the patent outright and aren't too ambitious, we might make a dicker.

Shadrach Wingate, Seth's granddad 'twas, tried to fix up a dicker with him for a boat he had.

Robert,” he said at length, “how would you like to try your hand at truck and dicker?

"Let's pile ashore on the trail of them lighters and dicker it, and be sensible," advised his associate.