Discussions [noun]

Definition of Discussions:

talk with another

Opposite/Antonyms of Discussions:

Sentence/Example of Discussions:

All our intelligent students will insist upon learning what they can of these discussions and forming opinions for themselves.

Proof was given to him, of Elizabeth having admitted Ripperda to private political discussions in the Altheim apartments.

It was a difficulty foreseen long ago in Socialist discussions, but never completely met by the thorough-paced Communist.

The Bulletin contains also all reports prepared for the various Sessions of the Congress and minutes of the discussions.

After lengthy discussions, the new state constitution was finally written and recommended for adoption.

This is how I learned by experience never to enter into theological discussions with the Scotch.

These discussions ended in an estrangement, for some time, between the two cronies.

These men, with others of less note, formed themselves in 1758 into a society for the discussions of questions in philosophy.

During the remainder of the discussions on the bill, therefore, not more than between thirty or forty attended at a time.

The discussions on the coercion act had produced many personal conflicts in debate between Mr. O'Connell and the Irish secretary.