Drafting [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Drafting:

As Tharp was creating her map, an unrelated project was taking shape on the drafting table next to hers.

The good news is lawmakers around the world have been watching and are in the midst drafting legislation.

This style of ruler is a must for sewing kits, and for drafting and drawing projects.

He coordinated its drafting and revisions before it was sent to lawmakers for adoption.

So right now, the national people’s Congress, China’s top legislative body, is in the process of drafting, and expects it to quickly pass, the personal information protection law.

We ended up drafting way more teams than will even make the playoffs, so we hope at least one of us is right.

In the afternoon I generally work again, now alone drafting, now with Belle dictating.

Williams had shown himself to be an inaccurate conveyancer in the drafting of the original deed.

You ought to take up with drafting, my boy, when you get a little older.21 I never knew of a case like it.

Will give particular attention to drafting in its various branches.