Enthused [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Enthused:

This focus on second stage results has also continued even as BERT was repurposed as a passage and researchers were enthused to follow the BERT re-ranking path for passages.

For lead-suitor Microsoft, the transaction is a shotgun marriage that it might not be entirely enthused about.

"So we'll get a good meal, and then buy our load," Frank enthused.

There was one little game-cock, however, who enthused even the most dispassionate among us.

If she could not get him enthused, how could she expect to obtain large contributions from strangers?

A pretty picture, one which artists have painted and summer visitors enthused over many times.

Thus they enthused until shore points of interest broke in on the marine eulogy.

Miss Cathby had enthused about the poem and its author, but in the first place, hay was not harvested in June.

They learned to keep house and farm by keeping them, whilst she sat by and enthused and directed their efforts.

She helped them over the hard places in their school work and enthused them to do better work.