Rareness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rareness:

And yet, had she but known it, the rareness and value of some of these were to exceed her fondest dreams.

The remains of beetles, considering the rareness of living ones, were remarkable.

Perhaps she was growing out of that childhood to which common things have rareness, and all objects look larger.

Think of her as raw, she has the gift of rareness: forget the donkey obstinacy, her character grasps.

In no editorial sanctum has he been surpassed in rareness of diction, nor in power of expression.

On the contrary, the cow will be considered sacred, in consequence of its rareness and utility.

I might have sought to console myself with the rareness of the wines and the epicurean delicacy of the food.

He knew something of Browning and little of Keats, but he had at least the wit to discern the rareness of her type.

They are as pretty as they are short-lived, and possess a quality of rareness that makes them additionally precious.