Oddity [noun]

Definition of Oddity:


Opposite/Antonyms of Oddity:

Sentence/Example of Oddity:

Its oddity struck me, and remained impressed upon my memory.

But the oddity in the present case was that he said nothing.

If he did not seem exactly interested, he certainly behaved with some oddity.

There was no mention of the oddity of behavior of shiploads of surplus grain aloft.

The oddity and incongruity of her attire attracted attention.

Perhaps so, but the oddity impressed me; it was a new string to me.

Tony smiled, as much at the oddity of the question as in acquiescence.

And as for you, Oddity, you were never like other rats; you were always intended for a watch-dog.

I should have thought him joking, but Oddity was never guilty of a joke in his life.

But Oddity was, without a doubt, the most patient and steady of rats.