Channels [noun]

Definition of Channels:

pathway, usually containing water

Synonyms of Channels:

Opposite/Antonyms of Channels:

Sentence/Example of Channels:

They don't seem to think there would be much good gained by begging for special favours through routine channels.

This people worked, through legitimate channels, to advance its ideal, inspired by the purest loyalty to Spain.

The point where we stood—a huddled, shivering group—faced the wider channels that led to the open sea and Finland.

At the wide elbow there were really two channels and he was now sailing along the comparatively motionless water between them!

The channels between t and u, and between v and w, appeared to be clear and deep.

They are straggling, and have wide and apparently deep channels between them.

The channels between them appeared to be clear and free from hidden danger.

We cross over the bridges that span salty channels, oozy and redolent of ocean and sea-weed during the hours of ebb.

In such portions of the shore the tides do important work in carving channels into the lands.

If the field be large, considerable though temporary brooks may be created, which cut channels perhaps a foot in depth.