Creature [noun]

Definition of Creature:

being, beast

Synonyms of Creature:

Opposite/Antonyms of Creature:

Sentence/Example of Creature:

The dolphinlike creature was nearly 5 meters long, about the length of a canoe.

We may now be in a world where in-person events are a rarity, but that hasn’t curbed our desire for gatherings as we’re naturally social creatures.

It keeps genes in the pool that might not be of use today, but might save a creature’s descendants from plagues, pestilence, and parasites.

During the Blob from 2015–2016, some creatures may have traveled more than 2,000 kilometers.

We are all creatures of habit, and shopping is largely habit-driven.

We know from social-psychological research that humans are inherently social creatures.

The fossil record shows that Jurassic oceans teemed with creatures.

That might help them see creatures that blend into their surroundings or hide in piles of leaves.

Vershinina has considered the ethics of trying to recreate creatures, such as mammoths, that don’t exist anymore.

We know from social- psychological research that humans are inherently social creatures.