Critter [noun]

Definition of Critter:

large wild animal; brute

Synonyms of Critter:

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Sentence/Example of Critter:

Fish, worms, crickets, and many other critters are safe for human consumption.

In contrast, the Kestrel Monopod weighs a mere six ounces, and you can whip it out, attach your binoculars, and be glassing critters less than five seconds later.

This Venn diagram plots five basic criteria used in animal behavior research to reveal which critters are goofing off for real.

Let us now praise other famous animalsBelow, a collection of fast facts about famous critters.

Concentrations of ethanol that would make a human drunk apparently don’t phase these critters.

Rowed forty mile after a whale onct, 'n' caught the critter—fairly rowed him down.

The first critter we scared up was a cinnamon bear, and that dog hadn't any more sense than to go straight for him.

And five minutes later that critter he came To the second floor winder surrounded by flame.

I'll shoot the critter, after you've tried that there pea-shooter on him!

The boy never will stop as long as the critter keeps following him, and we'll have the herd following them before we know it.