Person [noun]

Definition of Person:

human being

Synonyms of Person:

Opposite/Antonyms of Person:

Sentence/Example of Person:

I ain't ever met a person yet was satisfied with the hole they was in.

Ambrose was the only person who ever received any communication from Giles Headley.

As Mr. Sanborn says of her, "she is too real a person, not to be true."

I am always thankful to any person that brought me into city of Perth.

In the hands of nearly every third person was a printed paper.

Hannah, as she moves up and down, is shunned as a person infected.

When your obstinacy is equal to any other person's passion, blame not your brother.

On the 5th of February the king attended and delivered the speech from the throne in person.

Favour for a person will exalt the one, as disfavour will sink the other.

No person, no home, no community can be beyond the reach of this call.